Conflict of interest statement

The authors must indicate the funding sources (research projects), the funding institution, the name of the project, and the year of awarding of the said funding.

This work was supported by fondecyt grant n.º 1181844 “Sonidos serranos. De la Tirana a Paucartambo: santarios, musicalización y danzas en el paisaje sonoro”, 2018. Principal investigator: Alberto Díaz Araya.

Examples of other common conflicts, which must be mentioned:

  • Work funded by a company in the mining, forestry, or other industries.
  • The article stems from a doctoral thesis.
  • The article is prioritized or authorized by the community.
  • The article is sponsored by Chile’s and Bolivia’s Chancellor’s offices.

The authors must also mention if:

  • The article has been presented in the Congress (seminar or similar).
  • The article stems from a thesis (title of the thesis, discipline, degree, institution).

These aspects are mentioned in the Statement of Scientific Integrity and Good Practices, which the authors must sign and submit along with the manuscript.

Statement of scientific integrity and good practices