Volumen 28, n.º 2 / 2023
Publicado: 29-12-2023
ISSN: 0718-6894
Imagen de cubierta: Ave psitaciforme
148 pp

Bird representations on ceramics from the El Caño site, Panama (AD 780-1000)

The puma and the snake. Interpretation of the mural painting of the Church of Parinacota, Northern Chile

In the footsteps of the Inka: pottery, interactions, and the reconfiguration of the social landscape in Antofagasta de la Sierra (Catamarca, Argentina)

On the question of returning: production and meaning in the rock art of Cueva de las Manos, southern Andean Patagonia

Anthropomorphs with raised arms in Andean iconography (ca. 4000-500 years BP). A comparative analysis from the puna de Salta, Argentina

The capacocha of Esmeralda hill. Textile, identity, and ideological relations around the cult of Huantajaya