Volumen 26, n.º 2 / 2021
Publicado: 15-12-2021
ISSN: 0718-6894
Imagen de cubierta: Venado devorador. Tubo de hueso de San Pedro de Atacama.
176 pp

Funerary rituality and identity in the Tumilaca quero and bowl from Moquegua, Peru

The voracious breath. Interpreting the cervid iconography of Tiwanaku from andean-amazonian poetics

From everyday life to the rituality of the gourd vessel during the Late Intermediate Period in the Atacama desert, Chile

Ero-temas between paintings and papers. Sexual practices and gender in the puna of Jujuy between the xiv and xviii centuries

Inca of southern Mapocho: the Tawantinsuyu between Maipo river and the Angostura mountain range