Volumen 27, n.º 2 / 2022
Publicado: 29-12-2022
ISSN: 0718-6894
Imagen de cubierta: pinturas rupestres de la península Huemul, lago Nahuelhuapi (a partir del dibujo de Elvira Latorre).
166 pp



Encyclopedic knowledge and Nahua medicine. An approach to chapter 28, book x of Historia general de las cosas de Nueva España (1577)

The historical song about the inca rulers of the Galvin manuscript (1590)

Herders and caravaneers in the rock art of San Juan (West Central Argentina)

Funerary catachresis: the use of metal objects as gadgets in chimú tombs at Huaca de la Luna, northern coast of Peru

Images and practices about trophy heads. Contribution to the study of the Collection of Nazca ceramics at the Juan B. Ambrosetti Ethnographic Museum

Overthrowing the patriarchy. Ethnography with female Tumbe Carnaval groups in Arica